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Bee Bikes

Brand Identity

As part of the 2020 D&AD Newblood competition, I collaborated with a fellow student to create and brand an original bike hire scheme for the city of Manchester.

Design Partner

Superunion VBAT Brief

Artboard 1 copy.png

The brief, supplied by VBAT and Superunion, directed us to create an identity for a new bike hire scheme that focused on the city it was situated within. Choosing Manchester, we explored the use of its regional animal – the worker bee. We incorporated the bee and relative material throughout the brand, emphasising work and collaboration within the community.


Not being illustration professionals, we hired a talented illustrator to commission figures for our advertisement. We made sure to keep the figures somewhat abstract to show that Bee Bikes are available for everyone and anyone.


We took full advantage of word play within the brand and extended this to the advertisement. Not only did we want to make Bee Bikes a household name in Manchester but also made sure to showcase what the city has to offer.

Hive Floor Graphic.tif
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