G.I Acturarial

Brand Identity

During my second year of university Aviva approached our course and gave us the task of branding an actuary subsidiary – G.I Actuarial.

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This project tested my application skills as I worked my way through mediums and materials applying the brand where I can. However, there had to be more than simply copy and pasting the brand all over the shop. I wanted the staff members of G.I Actuarial to feel like an important individual and essential cog in the business machine. To do this I introduced personalisation for staff members as well as a modern and fresh aesthetic.

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Never haven truly explored UI for brands, I decided to dip my toe in and design an intranet that would be used by the staff. Whilst these employees are highly intelligent and know their way around a computer, it doesn’t hurt to enjoy a clean and concise layout that also fits well into the brands aesthetic.


Sitting in the same white-walled office for nine hours a day can get really exhausting. There’s not much better than being comfortable in an environment that stimulates and encourages workers to continue making great work. This is why the offices of G.I Actuarial have been designed to enjoy and inspire.

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