The World Alternative Games

Event Branding

Another one of my university projects challenged me to create an original identity for an event of my choice. The World Alternative Games is an Olympics type event with a wacky twist.


To emulate the strangeness and alternative aspect of this event, I opted for a less conventional hierarchy to the logo. This stacked format along with the contrast in typefaces brings across the unconventional side to the identity. The event is hosted in Llanwrtyd Wells in Wales and to celebrate the regional culture I chose to incorperate a Welsh-Celtic inspired pattern than acts as a backdrop for the majority of the material.


Taking inspiration from the London Olympics illustrations, I created eight figures that represent the most popular events in the games. The abstractness and quirkiness of the figures had to match the tone of voice of the event.

I wanted the participants to feel like each and every one of them are being thought about. To achieve this, when they sign up to compete they would be sent a personalised event kit packed full with official t-shirts, competitor or VIP wristbands, an event map and event guide.


Finding your way around a huge field can be difficult. To solve this, there would be various monoliths scattered around the grounds displaying the way to specific events. These monoliths are also a great opportunity to showcase art that has been created for the event.

Banners 1.png

Being friendly and approachable is a must for an event and its staff. This is why materials such as social media posts and staff jumpers contain informal information, setting a relaxed and fun mood.

Hoodie 1.png