Da Vinci Identity

Personal Identity

Potentially the most challenging project in my third year of university, this brief supplied by Conran Design Group tested my creativity to design an identity for a modern day Leonardo Da Vinci.

My final outcomes included a logo, a related business/company, a product, an event and official merchandise.

Having a business means having an office and whilst MONA headquarters would be in Italy, I decided to design the London base.The murals depict early invention concepts and mathematical rules by Da Vinci reminding staff and visitors of the history of the company all the while remaining slick and modern. Wayfinding wall prints are also shown bearing a resemblance to the MONA icon. 

The CodexBase, produced by MONA, is single handedly the most smartest smart speaker on the market. Incorporated with Lisa, the latest in artificial intelligence, the CodexBase makes your life easier and helps broaden your knowledge.

The Da Vinci Expo is a one off special event allowing people from all walks of life to attend and view the latest in technology, military advances and robotics. Whilst the expo mainly consists of products and services made by MONA, it is also a celebration of the world's most influential man. The event also contains a gallery and historical exhibitions as well as other opportunities to learn about the man behind MONA, Leonardo Da Vinci.

From hoodies to official event annuals, The Da Vinci Expo offers premium, well made merchandise for all visitors to get their hands on.

Not only are you able to wear a slick jumper or slip from an awesome coffee cup but you can also promote your favourite inventor and your love for MONA.

@ Tom Rogers Design 2020